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How-To Holiday with Ridge: Thanksgiving Recipes

The Thanksgiving season is upon us. A time to be thankful… and to eat food. Lots and lots of food. So in that spirit, here are a few unique Thanksgiving recipes our team has curated that are a) really, really good and b) pair well with our ciders. Hopefully you enjoy them as much as we do while you’re celebrating the season!

  • First, Squash Risotto. Not something you usually see on a Thanksgiving spread, but one that has quickly become a family favorite. It takes some time and some doing… so brace yourself.  
  • Second, Sweet Potato Casserole. With cereal. Whaaa? Don’t knock it till you try it. It’s really good. This Thanksgiving recipe is from Food & Wine, after all.
  • And then there’s cranberry sauce. No Thanksgiving is complete without cranberry sauce. Tart and tangy… your mouth should be watering. Here’s a recipe to take your cranberry sauce to the next level: Cranberry Citrus Relish. Next stop? Flavortown.
  • Now don’t forget vegetables. Sharp parmesan blends beautifully with fresh pomegranate in this Parmesan Brussel Sprouts Salad, proving that salads can be both fun and nutritious.
  • So an Italian classic and a fall favorite get married… and there’s no punchline. But we do have this Pumpkin-Gingersnap Tiramisu Thanksgiving recipe. All the flavor of a pumpkin pie, with a fun twist of gingery tang. Spice up a classic dessert in 45 minutes with this recipe.

Of course Thanksgiving isn’t all about the food… but the food certainly is a good reason to gather, to give thanks, and to acknowledge the people in our lives who make living worthwhile. Our hope is that you have plenty of those people in your life… and that you get to share this special day with them. Happy Thanksgiving, friends!